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We live in a digital world, and it demands innovation with effectiveness. HAS team has dedicated developers that deliver cost-effective software programs. In addition, HAS innovators build high-performance software solutions to fulfill business challenges.

The Indian extension of HAS is one of the top 10 Software companies in Kerala, a state in India. Theexpertise of firm is in custom software development, with a  commitment to giving clients a complete solution, from idea inception to research, strategy, technology consulting, high-quality project, and post-development support.HAS provides software development services, including custom software development, product development, web development, mobile applications, e-commerce,automation testing & QA-manual testing, UI/UX design, and complete enterprise solutions.

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Delivering digital transformation has been in huge demand since the global pandemic outbreak. As many companies are looking for good strategic contributions from their offshore branches, HAS is one of the best software development teams in Kerala and offers an excellent captive center.  The company has increasingly partnered with various industries and provides mobility solutions, cybersecurity, marketing solutions, data integration, and consumer experience improvements.

Various leading foreign companies are entrusted with HAS technologies to manage their company resources and operations in India. The benefits include saving up on innovation costs, faster delivery to consumers, and help in brand enhancement.

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HAS is the best IT company in Kerala, India, offering resource recruitment services, assisting various companies in seeking the right candidate to fill vacancies and dedicated practice areas across multiple technology areas.

HAS offers various services, including staffing, a dedicated research team, and fulfilling on-demand recruiting; because it is one of the best software development companies in Kerala, India. Our in-house recruitment team agents are highly qualified and trained to help companies quickly scale and ensure accelerated growth.

Unlike traditional resource recruitment agencies, HAS is venture-backed, digitally native, and does vigorous candidate background checks before handing them over to the clients.

HAS is one of the top enterprise-level web designing and development companies in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, offering a transparent strategy and pledges to deliver good results. In addition, HAS provides a flexible monthly package or per-hiring package.

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With the advanced technology, the customization of web development made it easy. As a foremost company offering software development services, HAS is one of the top enterprise-level web designing and development companies in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, that one can customize according to client needs. HAS employs reusable and delivers component-driven architecture using PHP, Dot Net, Java, ReactJS, Node.js,  Spring Boot, Microservices, Elastic Search, and AngularJS.

One can choose the software development services and improve the website’s overall efficiency, quality, and speed. HAS covers the latest technologies to meet various business needs. As technology evolves, HAS in-house web developers offer enterprise automation, agility, security, and integration.

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HAS – One of the top IT companies in Trivandrum, Kerala, India, offers excellent remote work services, and leaders trust it. Scale the right way with the HAS robust Employer of Record (EOR) platform. Everything is under one platform from payroll approvals, data collection, digital contracts, employee documentation, and team member salary bifurcation.

HAS EOR platform ensures compliance risk of hiring, contracting, and paying foreign employees through Remote’s in-country teams of expert laws in labor. In addition, the HAS EOR platform offers hassle-free invoices for all multiple country’s employees.

Through EOR, the companies can focus on scaling the business, and the HAS team will handle everything from taxes details across multiple countries to benefits administrations, legally hire new employees, and deal with complexity.